One of the methods The University of Alabama uses for emergency notification is UA Alerts.  This system enhances the University’s ability to reach students, faculty, and staff by simultaneously triggering multiple contact points.


In an emergency, Strategic Communications will activate the system, sending telephone calls (work, cell, and/or home), e-mail, and text (SMS) messages simultaneously to the campus community.  Users will be able to update their personal information using their myBama portal.  Each night the system automatically updates the database, capturing any changes made by students/employees that day.


There is no cost to users for the notification service; however, mobile users will pay their wireless provider their normal rates for cell and text message usage.  Initially, wireless phone numbers will be placed in the UA Alerts text (SMS) message field so that the mobile device can receive University generated text messages. Users who do not want to receive text (SMS) messages from the University through the UA Alerts service must opt-out of the system.


The text message system uses short code numbers 23177 or 63079.  Please save these numbers and program them as the University’s text (SMS) messaging account so that you will recognize them as the official source of information.  (If you are registered to receive alerts from the city of Tuscaloosa, be aware that they use the same short codes numbers as UA.)  You may opt-out of the texting service by sending a text message to 23177 or 63079 with the words STOP UAALERT or QUIT UAALERT in the body of the message.  See SMS FAQ for more information.


Occasionally the University will send Outreach SMS messages (non-emergency) for business purposes. These non-emergency SMS messages will come from short code 53291. You may choose to stop receiving these SMS messages (from short code 53291) by replying with the words STOP or QUIT in the message. Alternatively, you may follow the same protocol by sending a message to 53291. Opting-out of receiving non-emergency SMS messages does not prevent one from receiving emergency SMS messages from UA Alerts, as these SMS messages are sent from a different short code. (See above paragraph.) If you change your mind and would like to receive non-emergency messages after opting-out, send a message to 53291 with the word SUBSCRIBE in the text.


The system is tested several times during the spring and fall semesters. Each test will be announced in advance for planning purposes.


The contact information is deemed private and will be used by the University for official notification or business purposes only.  This service is restricted to current University of Alabama employees and students.  To qualify, students must be registered for at least 1 semester hour of course work in Tuscaloosa.  On-line students or students enrolled in courses off-site will not be notified.  Each semester the database will automatically update, dropping and adding students based on their enrollment status.  Similarly, employees will be added or dropped from the system as their employment status changes.

UA Alerts FAQ  (pdf)